The one and only secure messaging app
Protect your privacy!



  • Send chat messages, videos, pictures, audio and more to friends and colleagues
  • Seamless support for secure SMS when no data connection is available or while roaming
  • myENIGMA contacts are identified automatically and securely in your address book
  • Blacklist users you don’t want contacting you
  • Invite other people to join myENIGMA with a simple click
  • Servers located in Switzerland


End-to-end encryption

  • End-to-end encryption based on highly-secure mechanisms and open standards implemented by governments and private organizations
  • Double-layer encryption technology for extra protection of your messages and the communication with the service
  • We can't view or decrypt your messages. We simply relay them



  • Participate in group chats with the same security levels as on single chats
  • Messages and content are only accessible to group members
  • Create and manage groups with up to 30 members and control who can join
  • Individual message delivery status available for every recipient
  • Send multimedia files to the group without practically any performance impact, despite its strong security protection




10 April 2014

Our update from April 2014 simplifies the registration of myENIGMA: Instead of an additional email, all you need for the registration process is your phone number. We will send a one-time authorization code to this phone number for the verification of your account. After that, you’re automatically...


«MyENIGMA is a good choice for everyone who is looking for a secure alternative to WhatsApp.»